International Editorial Board

Jürgen Pohl (Germany)

Associate Editor:
Shou-jiang Tang (USA)

Friedrich Hagenmüller (Germany)
Prateek Sharma (USA)
Hironori Yamamoto (Japan)

Section Editors - Upper GI Tract:
Oliver Pech (Germany)
Krish Ragunath (UK)

Section Editors - Biliary/ Pancreatic System:
Lars Aabakken (Norway)

Section Editors - Middle GI Tract:
Stijn J.B. Van Weyenberg (Netherlands)

Section Editors - Lower GI Tract:
Michael Bourke (Australia)
James East (UK)

Section Editors - Endosonography and Sonography:
Peter Vilmann (Denmark)
Christian Jenssen (Germany)

Expert Editorial Board:
Jörg Albert (Germany)
Harry Aslanian (USA)
Francisco Baldaque-Silva (Portugal)
Kenneth Binmoeller (USA)
Raf Bisschops (Belgium)
James L. Buxbaum (USA)
Jürgen Hochberger (France)
Haruhiro Inoue (Japan)
Martin Keuchel (Germany)
Felix Leung (USA)
Klaus Mönkemüller (USA)
Jong Ho Moon (Korea)
Helmut Neumann (Germany)
Adolfo Parra-Blanco (Chile)
Amit Rastogi (USA)
Andrea Riphaus (Germany)
Yukata Saito (Japan)
Stefan Seewald (Switzerland)
Nicholas Shaheen (USA)
Peter D. Siersema (Netherlands)
Teresa Starzynska (Poland)
Shyam Varadarajulu (USA)
Andrew Y. Wang (USA)

Why read when you can watch?

As endoscopists we know that many pathologies and current endoscopic procedures are too complex to be explained by conventional written articles or still images. This stimulated us to come forward with this new journal format. The new ‘Video Journal and Encyclopedia of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy’ provides you with high quality video demonstrations equipped with expert auditory comments.

Video Encyclopedia and Scientific Video Journal

The focus on high-quality video demonstrations of endoscopic findings and procedures offers a completely new way of presenting the work of GI experts and allows for easy comprehension of information. Additional concise manuscripts to each video detail the procedures and the findings in a bullet point style. All articles are peer-reviewed. The unique format of the Video Journal and Encyclopedia of GI Endoscopy provides two elements:

  1. An Expert Video Encyclopedia as a clinical reference tool with systematic step-by-step demonstrations of common and rare GI pathologies and up-to-date endoscopic procedures. The video sequences in this section are of high educational impact and allow endoscopists to recognize a wide array of pathological findings, review existing techniques, and acquire new endoscopic techniques for implementation in their own clinical work.
  2. A Scientific Video Journal and premium reference for findings and techniques, demonstrating cutting edge endoscopic techniques and scientific results as well as clinical cases. In the journal section of VJGIEN original research will be published reporting latest results in regard to endoscopic procedures used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.